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Mahboob Arif Building Cleaning Services L.L.C. was established in 2011 to provide support to the environmental cleaning, safety & hygienic activities within the Dubai and surrounding areas. MABCS has since continued to expand and diversify its services, establishing business entities with in DUBAI and its surrounding areas.


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Water Tank Cleaning Services

For the safety of your health clean water should be free from bacteria and grime build-up. Our specialist cleaning services will make sure your tank is cleaned and disinfected ensuring that your family is being provided with clean, safe, clear water.

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Building & Glass Cleaning Services

We provide glass and building cleaning service . We are happy to oblige the cleaning needs of companies of every premise and every size. We provides building and glass cleaning services in which companies can customize for their convenience.

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Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Fats, oils, and grease wastes are very common in commercial restaurant establishments. Grease traps need regular maintenance, emptying and cleaning to ensure optimal functionality and to prevent blockages. It is important to clear out grease traps before they damage the building and pollute our environment.

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We are here for the long haul and to build fruitful & lasting relationship with our valued clients.

  • Water Tank Cleaning Services (PVC Tanks, Fiberglass Tanks, Underground Tanks, Steel Tanks, GRP Sectional Panel Tanks & Concrete Tanks)
  • Building & Glass Cleaning Services (Rope Access)
  • Grease Trap Cleaning Services
  • Pipes Cleaning & Disinfection Services
  • Cleaners Supply (On Weekly Basis, Monthly Basis & Yearly Basis Contract).